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Nearly Every Industry and Institute Needs Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry is a broad subject covering all areas of charge transfer reactions at interfaces and impacts on daily life in many immediate ways from corrosion and energy storage, through water treatment and purification, clean energy generation and environmental monitoring to medical diagnostics and electrodeposition

  • Batteries Fuel Cells Supercapacitors Oxygen Sensors

  • Cars Aerospace

  • Rust Passivation Cathodic Protection

  • Photosynthesis Respiration Fermentation

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As a portal of resources for chemists and anyone who has discovered the applications of electrochemistry, this website is a non-commercialized site maintained by Gamry Instruments and contains contributions from the Electrochemists on staff at GAMRY.  We would also like to pay homage to Dr. Robert S. Rodgers (aka Dr. Bob) by recreating his likeness and sharing his expertise throughout this site.

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