High Voltage EIS Test System


Gamry introduces the new LPI1010 a high voltage test system for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) up to 20kHz.

This new instrument offers advantages to researchers who wish to study electrodes and mechanisms in batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Vehicle electrification requires changes in how batteries and fuel cells are tested. The need continues to require electrochemistry to develop better and more efficient storage and conversion devices. Thia new High Voltage EIS system consists of an Interface 1010E potentiostat, an LPI1010 and a load or power supply depending on the application. This new system will modulate the load or power supply while measuring the voltage response of the entire stack.

The precision of a dynamic electrochemical measurement, such as EIS, is important. The LPI1010 performs a statistical analysis of the data at each frequency during acquisition. The data is accepted only after the precision criteria are met. The precision criteria can be adjusted by the user.

The LPI010 system is currently available with 100V and a 1000V coming soon. In addition there is an optional Multichannel Electrometer available for up to eight differential voltages measurements within fuel cell stacks or battery packs.

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