Dye Solar Cells – IMPS/IMVS Measurements

This application note is Part 3 in a series from Gamry Instruments. Part 1 of this series discusses basic principles of dye solar cells, their setup, and underlying electrochemical mechanisms. Part 2 addresses electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements on dye solar cells. Various models are discussed for analyzing impedance spectra. Part 3 addresses IMPS and IMVS experiments on Read more about Dye Solar Cells – IMPS/IMVS Measurements[…]

IMPS/IMVS - Gamry Spectroelectrochemical Instruments

The Optical Power of your LED

Measuring the Optical Power of your LED Purpose of This Note When performing experiments with dye solar cells, light is focused on the cell and its current response is measured. The generated current depends strongly on the intensity of the light. In order to calculate the efficiency of a solar cell, the optical power of Read more about The Optical Power of your LED[…]

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