The Optical Power of your LED

Measuring the Optical Power of your LED

Purpose of This Note

When performing experiments with dye solar cells, light is focused on the cell and its current response is measured. The generated current depends strongly on the intensity of the light.

In order to calculate the efficiency of a solar cell, the optical power of the incident light has to be known. This technical note explains how to measure and calculate the optical power of your light source.



IMPS/IMVS - Gamry Spectroelectrochemical InstrumentsGamry’s IMPS/IMVS setup allows you to perform various experiments with dye solar cells (DSCs).

Our current Framework version enables cyclic voltammetry, potentiostatic EIS, and potentiostatic experiments under constant illumination. In addition, IMPS (intensity modulated photocurrent spectroscopy) and IMVS (intensity modulated photovoltage spectroscopy) experiments can be performed.

Read the complete article on performing experiments with dye solar cells at

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