Modular Version of the Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry

Gamry Instruments has added to their Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry by making ‘modular’ Experiment Kits based on the institution’s needs

Gamry Instruments has introduced a new version of the Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry. This course in electrochemistry has been designed to be modular based on the institution’s needs. If you do not want to run a full semester course you can select as few as one experiment kit from the eleven being offered.

The full semester Electrochemistry Course is still available and includes everything needed to introduce the undergraduate to present–day techniques of modern electrochemistry. The course consists of all specialized electrochemical instrumentation and accessories necessary to run the eleven experiments presented in the included lab manual and to set up a complete electrochemistry laboratory for the course.

In the past all necessary equipment needed to support the study of electrochemistry was purchased from several different vendors. Gamry’s Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry offers everything needed to complete the experiment (or experiments) designed in the Lab Manuals.

Gamry Instruments recognize that electrochemistry is a large market; from biosensors, like glucose meters, to degradation of infrastructure, like corrosion of bridges and railways. and yet the teaching of this science rarely goes beyond redox reactions and the Nernst Equation in General Chemistry. To cover the gap in education of electrochemistry, Gamry has developed this Laboratory Course. Experiment Kits available include Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Cyclic Voltammetry, Simulations of CV Data, Comparison of Pulse Techniques, Corrosion of Mild Steel plus six others.

The website,, has been updated to include information on the available experiment kits with details of what’s included. Users can download sample experiments featured in the included Lab Manual, view a complete list of what Gamry Instruments supplies with the course, a Course Overview, and view a video to learn more about the course.

To see the complete list of the eleven available Experiment Kits, visit the web site. Each Experiment Kit has a dedicated page with a summary of the experiment and a list of what you get with each kit.

For more information on the new modular Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry, please visit, phone Gamry sales at 215.682.9330 or email [email protected].

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