Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Book

Chines version of EIS now availalbeElectrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy by Mark E. Orazem and Bernard Tribollet now available in Chinese from Chemical Industry Press (CIP) Publishers. This book provides the background and training suitable for application of impedance spectroscopy to varied applications  and is an excellent textbook for graduate students in electrochemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering.


马克•欧瑞姆和伯纳德•特瑞博勒特的专著 «电化学阻抗谱»一书,目前由中国化学工业出版社(CIP)出版。这本书提供了阻抗谱的详细背景和知识、提供了具体的应用实例,对于电化学,材料科学和化学工程的研究生来说,是一步难得的培训教材。

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