Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Difficult Samples

Gamry will be holding a Workshop at the ECS Meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

Nyquist of large format battery

Nyquist of large format battery

If you do EIS on very low impedance or very high impedance samples then you should attend Gamry’s  workshop at the ECS meeting tomorrow.  This workshop will cover precautions needed for analyzing very low impedance samples such as batteries and fuel cells as well as very high impedance samples such as insulating coatings.  Cabling, sample setup, and instrument parameters can greatly affect the outcome in an EIS experiment for samples such as these.  Join us for an engaging discuss on best practices for EIS of difficult samples.

Date:  Thursday October 9
Time: 11 am CDT
Location: Exhibit Hall – Moon Palace Resort
For more information visit the News Section of Gamry.com

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