In Situ in Electrochemistry

In electrochemistry, the phrase in situ refers to performing electrochemical experiments under operating conditions of the electrochemical cell, i.e., under potential control. Potential control preserves the electrochemical environment essential to maintain the double layer structure intact and the electron transfer reactions occurring at that particular potential in the electrode/electrolyte interphasial region.

Protochips Poseidon and Gamry Reference 600+Poseidon Select liquid in situ system

Protochips advances liquid in situ electron microscopy with the launch of the Poseidon Select providing a revolutionary tool for heating and electrochemistry.  This enhanced version of Poseidon gives scientists and engineers the ability to image materials and biological samples in a variety of environments using a single holder with options for heating and electrochemistry. Whether studying electrochemistry or simply imaging samples in static, flowing, or heated liquids, Poseidon Select enables high-quality images of any sample in these environments while also supporting common analytical techniques such as EDS. With a large family of E-chips and a user-configurable system, the research possibilities in liquid are endless.

The Poseidon Electrochemistry package

The Electrochemistry Package can be added to any Poseidon Select holder and provides the capability to perform true quantitative electrochemistry.  The main features of this package include the ability to electrically drive (AC and DC) working, counter and reference electrode connections plus (2) sense lines to improve accuracy and reduce electrical noise, accurate measurements of currents in the pA range, very important for quantitative analysis of small electrodes, and an ex-situ cell that provides the ability to perform electrochemistry experiments with E-chips on the desktop for comparison with in situ results.

The Electrochemistry Package consists of:

  • A unique holder/chip design that enables quantitative electrochemical results by exposing only the only the on-chip Gamry Potentiostat Reference 600+electrodes to the electrolyte
  • The Gamry Reference 600+ Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA with Gamry Framework software supports accurate ultra-low currents and provides a platform for performing all major electrochemistry techniques
  • An ex situ cell to perform electrochemistry experiments with E-chips on the desktop for comparison with in situ results

And can be added to any Poseidon Select system.

The Poseidon Select in situ liquid system provides tools and capabilities to make revolutionary discoveries. It is the appropriate solution for applications including corrosion, fuel cells, batteries, plating and electrodeposition.

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