Gamry Reference 600+ Potentiostat

Understanding Potentiostat Specs

The various parameters that are typically listed in the specifications of potentiostats are explained in this Technical Note originally posted by Gamry Instruments. There are many important factors that pertain to buying a potentiostat,  and the old adage “The more the better” really does not apply when researching the potentiostat to fit your experiment. There Read more about Understanding Potentiostat Specs[…]

Development of a Cyclic Voltammetry Method

For DNA Electrochemical Detection on Microfluidic Gene Chip On the microfluidic gene chip, due to high difficulty in temperature changes frequently and products detecting equipment miniaturize, the conventional methods of DNA detection can’t meet the requirements. In this paper, a newly electrochemical method, cyclic voltammetry, basing on a set of special electrodes and the Loop-mediated Read more about Development of a Cyclic Voltammetry Method[…]

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