The Gamry Potentiostat Difference

The Gamry Interface 1010 series Top 10 list:

  1. Channel-to-channel Isolation
    Gamry Instruments uses only low-profile components to drastically lower any electromagnetic interference, and places a conductive fence between channels.
  2. Ultimate Resolution
    Gamry Instruments starts with a 16-bit A/D converter for the best analog-to-digital resolution and add controllable noise filters to remove any noise in the channels. By running the signal through controllable amplifiers we gain up to x100 – almost 7 extra bits of resolution for an ultimate resolution of almost 23 bits that is noise-free.
  3. Frequency Resolution
    With our 32-bit direct-digital synthesis clock, we boast a frequency resolution of 1/232.  Interface 1000 Potentiostat Series
  4. Only Surface-mounted Components
    Gamry uses only surface-mount electronic components in its potentiostats. This means a smaller volume and less fluctuation in temperature giving less drift and more accuracy.
  5. No Cables, Harnesses or Interconnects
    The Interface 1010 contains no cables, harnesses, or interconnects inside its chassis giving superior mechanical reliability with no connections to become loose. Minimizing metal-to-metal contacts lower drift and overall better stability.
  6. Low-noise Power Supply
    Gamry Instruments use a low-noise primary switching power supply eliminating EMF interference with your desired signal and providing a high-efficiency supply.
  7. Specially Designed Chassis
    Our potentiostats use a custom-designed chassis, created to optimize removal of heat and maintaining a constant temperature using a special guided airflow design to cool the electronics consistently
  8. Variable-speed Fan
    The computer-controlled variable-speed fan inside the chassis cools internal electronics and is designed to keep a constant temperature.
  9. Green Construction
    All Gamry potentiostats are fully China RoHS-compliant to insure the Interface 1010 is lead-free, mercury-free, and cadmium-free. In addition, the potentiostats are contained within a recyclable aluminum chassis.

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