Gamry Instruments Introduces a Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry

Gamry Instruments has created a complete Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry designed to introduce electrochemistry techniques in one semester

Gamry’s Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry includes everything needed to introduce the undergraduate to present–day techniques of modern electrochemistry. The course consists of all specialized electrochemical instrumentation and accessories necessary to run the experiments presented in the included lab manual and to set up a complete electrochemistry laboratory for the course.

Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry, In the past all necessary equipment needed to support the study of electrochemistry was purchased from several different vendors.  This ground-breaking Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry offers everything needed to complete the experiments designed in the Lab Manual.  All data-collection, analysis, and questions are on pages separate from the background and procedure so they can be torn out from the book and handed in with graphs and plots that the student generates.  The corresponding Instructor’s Manual includes the desired data analysis.

Cynthia A. Schroll, co-author of Introduction to Experimental Electrochemistry and Product Marketing Specialist at Gamry Instruments, stated, “Here at Gamry Instruments we recognize that electrochemistry is a large market from biosensors, like glucose meters, to degradation of infrastructure, like corrosion of bridges and railways, and yet the teaching of this science rarely goes beyond redox reactions and the Nernst Equation in General Chemistry.  This lack of education has left students and professionals ill-prepared to tackle these and future challenges.  To cover this gap we have developed the Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry to help students by introducing them to the most useful research techniques for application areas such as Analytical Chemistry, Biosensors, and Corrosion Science.  We are excited by this opportunity to impact the generation of scientists who will be facing our next great challenges.”

A new website,, has been created for this course kit with details of what’s included.  Users can download sample experiments featured in the included Lab Manual, view a complete list of what Gamry Instruments supplies with the course, and read the Course Overview.

For more information on the revolutionary Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry, please visit or contact Cynthia A. Schroll at 215.682.9330, Ext 157.

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