Interface 1010E

Gamry Introduces New Interface Potentiostats

Gamry has officially launched their new Interface series potentiostats with the 1010. The Interface 1010 replaces the previous 1000 series and is available in the Interface 1010E, 1010B and the 1010T. The Interface 1010 boasts new features including a built-in temperature monitor using an RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors) probe available on both models.  The Interface 1010E Read more about Gamry Introduces New Interface Potentiostats[…]

Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry,

Gamry Instruments Introduces a Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry

Gamry Instruments has created a complete Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry designed to introduce electrochemistry techniques in one semester Gamry’s Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry includes everything needed to introduce the undergraduate to present–day techniques of modern electrochemistry. The course consists of all specialized electrochemical instrumentation and accessories necessary to run the experiments presented in the included Read more about Gamry Instruments Introduces a Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry[…]

Visit Gamry Instruments' newly launched website

Gamry Instruments Launches New Website

Warminster, Pa — Gamry Instruments, a leader in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy instrumentation, is proud to announce the launch of a new website designed to help researchers and academia find the right instrumentation for every application. The new website features a potentiostat selection tool, a first in the industry.  This groundbreaking interface allows visitors to enter Read more about Gamry Instruments Launches New Website[…]

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