A Faraday Cage & Ambient Light Elimination Box

What’s New at Gamry Instruments?

Gamry has added a new Optical Shield to their updated IMPS/IMVS System.  The new Optical Shield doubles as both a Faraday Cage and ambient light elimination box. This new accessory is available as a stand-alone purchase, and also comes with the complete IMPS/IMVS System. In addition, they have made it easier to get set up Read more about What’s New at Gamry Instruments?[…]

Faraday Cage - How does it work

What is a Faraday Cage? How does it work?

Michael Faraday’s studies and experiments regarding charge, magnetism found that charge on a conductor resided only on the outer surface. He also discovered that nothing inside that conductor was affected by any change in electrical charge on the outside. Faraday believed that an electric field extended into space beyond a charge. We now know that Read more about What is a Faraday Cage? How does it work?[…]

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