What’s New at Gamry Instruments?

A Faraday Cage & Ambient Light Elimination BoxGamry has added a new Optical Shield to their updated IMPS/IMVS System.  The new Optical Shield doubles as both a Faraday Cage and ambient light elimination box.

This new accessory is available as a stand-alone purchase, and also comes with the complete IMPS/IMVS System.

In addition, they have made it easier to get set up and running your IMPS/IMVS experiments by updating the system with a new LED kit.  This new kit includes a pre-assembled lens and a lens ring. In addition, they have updated their LED offering to include new narrow-band LEDs.

For more information on the new Optical Bench (IMPS/IMVS System), call Gamry at 215-682-9330, complete an on-line form, or contact your Local Gamry Intruments Representative.

What’s New at Gamry Instruments?

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